• hello. i have a setup in VMware where i have 2 LANs connected by a WAN (OPT1). LAN1 has a PC (pc0), and a router (router0). the internet is connected through this router. router0 also connects to router1 that runs LAN2 with a single PC (PC1). PC1 has to connect to the internet through router1, the WAN, and router0. everything pings everything else. PC0 on LAN1 can connect to the internet with no problem. when i try to connect to the internet with PC1 it fails, but if i enter the IP address then it will connect. so PC0 connects normally but PC1 has to use the IP address to connect. it seems to me that i have a DNS issue somewhere. any ideas?
    i've been working on this for about 20 hours now.