Questions on pfSense and multiple user login

  • Hi Amigos,

    I was wondering if pfSense is capable of doing the below:

    -We would like to have 5 servers hooked up to the pfSense.
    -Each server will have it's own public IP address.
    -We would like the remote users to be able to login simutaneously, each with their own login, and be able to ONLY change ports or setup for their own server and not be able to see anyone elses.

    Can m0n0wall do this?

    Or am I barking up the wrong tree all together?

  • Not as currently implemented, no, although I'm happy to be proven wrong by jimp, cmb or other…

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You can't get that fine-grained control in the GUI even on 2.0.

    On 2.0 you can restrict access per-page, but the NAT setup is all on one page, and there isn't a way to setup one page per "server" in that way.

    You could enable UPnP and set access rules in there, which would let each server set its own ports, but they would need some kind of upnp-aware application on the server to do that (not sure if one really exists to open arbitrary ports or not)

  • You can do this with a Cisco ASA 5510, but that's only a little bit more expensive than pfSense.  ;D

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