CARP Load balancing

  • I have a CARP setup, but not a Multi-WAN setup, (this is not a Multi-WAN question either) and am using the CARP for both redundancy and the hope of load balancing (I have 2 ALIX boxes), so if one of the boxes is bogged down, the other would take over. The failover works fine, and CARP is working as it should.

    However, while inspecting the traffic, virtually all my traffic just goes through one of the boxes, and load isn't spread between them, however the 2nd box does know what the 1st is doing, and looking at the packet traffic on the SYNC interface, it mirrors the WAN traffic almost identically, however the 2nd host's WAN traffic is minimal, while the 1st host is saturated.

    Looking at this, I came across this article on CARP: and checked the sysctl settings of my boxes by running "sysctl net.inet.carp.arpbalance" - this returned 0.

    Before I went ahead and enabled this to 1, I wanted to ask the pfSense gurus if this would:
    a) actually load balance traffic between the CARP hosts and
    b) whether it would balls up anything in pfSense

  • I note that we've been here before, I had a good read of:

    Do we have an official stance on this ARP load balancing functionality now?

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