New to pfSense - Wired WAN WiFi LAN Howto?

  • Hey guys, I'm looking and I understand that it is configurable to setup a wired WAN and a wireless LAN, but I'm also seeing there are issues with getting from installation, to wireless configuration, to usability.  Can I configure the LAN from the box itself, or is the GUI only accessible remotely?

  • It's browser based, so (to my knowledge), no.  It shouldn't be hard to get started though.  If you have 3 interfaces, use the 3rd one temporarily as the wired LAN so you can surf to the gui and configure the wifi LAN, then disable it and go from there.

  • If you want the two interfaces to be bound and appear to be the same network, you need to log into the web GUI, go to the interfaces tab, select the wireless adapter and select set the interface to bridge with the LAN interface.  Otherwise, they are completely separate to include dhcp.  This also means you have to set up rules for the interfaces to interact.  This approach is not necessary a bad thing if you are looking to add security.  Just my 2 Cents

    Good luck and enjoy the best firewall out there,

  • so basically, i need a third interface and there's no way around it.  is pfsense compatible with usb network adapters?  i want to put this on a junkie laptop.

  • I think I understand what you are trying to do now.  I'm not sure if you can set up a WLAN only without a LAN.    Have you tried pointing to your wireless interface when it asks you for a LAN address?  Yes, there are some USB adapters that will work.   I would check the compatibility list prior to buying one.  You can get away with one wired network adapter for both the LAN and the WAN if it the adapter is VLAN compatible and you have a VLAN capable switch.  Hope this answers your question.


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