Question on pfSense and new DNS/Mail/web Server

  • Gents,

    My 'netwizard' down in the DFW area has been out of touch for several days and I need his help–or help from this forum--to answer a specific question or two.  My physical disability did not allow me to get down and crawl around when my telco put in my DSL line last year.  So I cannot be certain how things are wired.  But the line from the wall runs to the Qwest router [modem]; that goes into my firewall, a 1998 Kayak.  I believe, not certain, that the second NIC cable from the firewall plugs into my switch.  My present server is also a '98 Kayak.  It is very close to dying.  I have a 2009 Dell Inspiron 530 that is almost set to roll as my new DNS server.

    My netwiizard friend did the original configuration nearly two years ago.  I understand some of it; I'm learning more of it by the day.  Still, because my disability links me to the outside world, having my own domain (and email, etc) in working order is just about a must.

    I just edited my /etc/namedb/master/* files.  [[[ yes, I do realized these are symlinked to /var/named/etc/* ]]] to point to my new Dell as the SOA.  From the antique Kayak's local [LAN] IP.  I need to know how much pfSense is (or should be) integrated into the maze.  I haven't looked everywhere if the web-interface, but have not seen anywhere that my old IP numbers were linked to my DNS Server.

    Any ideas on what-should-be? and where I should look and edit?

    thanks much,

    gary kline

    PS: FWIW: In April, 2001,  I was the one who set up bind9 on my original DNS server, so I am familiar with some BIND/NAMED things.  but not how they fit with the firewall side.  If this is not a worry, I'll be very pleased.

  • I don't think there's enough there for anybody to answer that question.

    Are you replacing an existing box with a pfSense host?

    Are you using pfSense as a primary or secondary DNS server?

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