Package Rate

  • Hi, i really like the "Rate" Package that i can install.

    But, one question. Is it possible to make it show all the incoming IP's bandwith usage instead of just my public IP?

    LAN works perfectly, shows me all local IP's that is connected and generating bandwith
    WAN just tells me one IP and all bandwith to that IP, and that is my public static IP. No chances in having all the current connected IP's in the list?

    • Nihplod

  • ˝Rate˝ package works like it should. On the WAN side you can see only your public IP address because that is the purpose of NAT.
    If you want to see bandwidth usage per IP adress you should have a look at the LAN graph. Unless you´re using squid the readings here should be accurate (aka equal to WAN). For a more detailed view you can use the bandwidthD package.

  • Mkey, well LAN shows all the clients on the LAN of course. Looks pretty good
    I just wanted like the public IP's that is connected. But i will try bandwitdhD out then


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