My ISP kills my connection due to my pfsense machine

  • I have a realy strange problem with pfsense.
    My ISP gives med 5 dynamic IPs so i have a PFsense firewall with 4 interfaces. 3 interfaces are connected to the WAN VLAN in my switch (WAN, OPT and OPT2).

    Recently they have started to kill my port in their switch.
    Their NOC says that my pfsense machine generates a error that says something like "Attempt to override sticky arp entry"
    Their system thinks that one of the interfaces in my pfsense box tries to steal the IP from another interface.

    Why is pfsense doing that?
    My machine runs 1.2.3 RC3

    Best regards,
    Thomas Svedin

  • It is strange ISP does that.

    That comes since vlans have all the same mac address.

  • I have a network card with 4 ports. one for lan and 3 for WAN. No vlans in my pfsense machine. The only VLANs are in my switch (3Com Superstack 4400 SE) and i use them so separate the LAN and WAN from each other.

    On my pfsense firewall i get messages that says something like "another MAC adress is using my IP".
    Can't find the message because it's to old and i don't have any WAN ports connected at the moment.

  • without knowing what the IP address is that is being complained about, we can't really help you.

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