Problem with dual LAN and dual WAN

  • Hey everyone,

    The setup I'm running had two seperate ISPs running into the pfSense box with ISP1 feeding LAN1 with failover to ISP2.  ISP2 feeds LAN2 with failover to LAN1.  This was done so normally each LAN would use their own ISP unless it went down, at which point the LAN would automatically go to the other ISP.

    We just changed the ISPs around, dropping one ISP, moving a second ISP from the WAN interface to what I've named the WAN2 interface (opt1)

    Outside of the pfSense box, on the same switch that connects PfSense to ISP2, we have two servers.  Both of the servers can be accessed by the outside world and by ISP1.  If I ask pfSense to ping using the WAN2 port to the servers, it goes through fine.  If I connect from LAN2 to any website, the connection goes to ISP2 and works fine.  If I go from LAN1 and connect to the servers outside of pfSense, it uses ISP1 and connects to them no problem.  If, however, I use LAN2 to connect to the server, the firewall says it passes the connection using the failover for LAN2, but I cannot access the servers.

    Anyone have any ideas?  I've been bashing my brains out for a few days now, desk is getting a bit messy with all this brain matter.


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