PfSense build - recommended hardware - pfSense box for public hotspot

  • Hi, just a heads up this is my first attempt; I'm a pfNoob.  (I know there's tons of postings for hardware recommendations, but I didn't see much recent help for the intel atom 330 board I'm looking at.)

    I want to setup a neighborhood wifi hotspot from my roof, sharing my internet connection.  I'm in a city (residential part) so maybe 20 to 40 clients.  Maybe 10 at a time – (these are just total guesses.)
    I found most of this hardware from ktims on this forum - but that dates back to March.  Do you think it's still a good call for what I'm trying to do?
    (the fan is just to replace the fail-prone one that comes with the board - assuming it fits)

    Here's the rest of my to-buy list (from error404 on
    Intel dual NIC (quad?)
    bullet2 by ubiquiti
    Pacific Wireless 9dbi 2.4 ghz antenna
    PoE and surge suppressor, maybe lightning suppressor between bullet and antenna

    Thanks for any advice.

  • The answers you're looking for are scattered about ;)

    Assuming you're looking at 802.11g you have a typical effective bandwidth of about 22 Mb/s.  Anything you buy these days will cope with that kind of bandwidth.

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