SquidGuard on alix embedded

  • i would like to know why squidGuard db is on /var on embedded devices … every time i reboot the device, i need to reimport my blacklist :s
    If i put it on  my cf in a different directory (eg /squidGdb) it ll be on the compact flash it would be better wouldn t it?

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    It is likely that way since that is where it goes on the full install.

    I am the one who made the changes to let the basic parts of squidguard work on embedded, but I have not touched the parts that deal with blacklists.

    I'm not sure when I'll have time to look at that, it may not be for a few weeks. It may just be a matter of changing a couple paths in the code somewhere. The author of the squidguard package would know that better than anyone, though.

  • ok it s done and working i ve changed a few path  like u said in squidGuardconfigurator.inc and commented lines 1438 & 1439

    #        if (file_exists($squidguard_config[F_DBHOME]))  $dbhome = $squidguard_config[F_DBHOME];
    #        if (file_exists($squidguard_config[F_WORKDIR])) $workdir = $squidguard_config[F_WORKDIR];

    those lines attribes to $dbhome the default value and i didn t find in the include nor in the inc where  $squidguard_config[F_DBHOME]; is set so if someone know where  it is … :)

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