Yet another traffic shaping voip question

  • PFSense 1.2.2
    Cisco IP Phone 7940 (SIP Firmware - G711ulaw)
    Buffalo AirStation G
    D-Link DIR-625 (WAP)
    ADSL 6000/768
    Asterisk (not on the same lan)

    Hi Guys,

    Sorry if this is a repeat but I'm having trouble maintaining stable outbound VOIP call quality from my home office. Inbound call quality (what I hear) is fine however outbound call quality (what the other person hears) seems "choppy".

    My network topology / flow at home is:

    Cisco 7940 IP Phone >> Buffalo AirStation Wireless G Bridge >> DLINK DIR-625 Wireless Router (functioning purely as a WAP) >> PFSense 1.2.2 Box >> Speedstream ADSL Modem.

    My pfsense box is configured to use a priority queue for any traffic going to/from my VOIP Proxy at work. I can see that it is being used during my test calls. I've also confirmed that firewall ports are allowing traffic from the respective voip proxy.

    The issue seems to occur regardless of how much traffic exists…

    So far, I've tried:

    * Checking for faulty cabling / replacing cabling.
        * Reviewing router for misconfiguration (still could be something here)
        * Plugging phone directly into switch connected to router (essentially taking wireless out of the picture).
        * Trying a softphone

    The problem persists... so I'm inclined to suspect that there's some packet loss or issues with outbound traffic. Not sure how to proceed at this point. I'm considering plugging the phone directly into the DSL modem to see if call quality is any better (essentially removing pfsense and other traffic out of the picture) Any advice?

  • Update… I'm seeing strange latency on the Asterisk server side so this may be a server side issue.... getting the asterisk admin involved.

  • Let us know.  If it is an outbound BW shaping issue, there are posts here that address this.

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