Site takes forever to load through transparent proxy

  • I’ve been running pfSense 1.22 with the Squid (transparent mode) and proxy reporting for several months. There are approximately 40 users on the network and lots of Web traffic. There have been no issues until recently. This site: brings up a logon screen (  It takes minutes for the site to load through the proxy. If the proxy is bypassed, it pops right up.  The support folks for the site claim all is well at their end. I’ve run sniffer tests with and without the proxy from a user’s PC. Traffic looks normal on both traces. Things just take a lot longer through the proxy. Any ideas what the problem might be?

    The site looks professionally done. Therefore,  I’m assuming this is not a poor coding issue (maybe that is a bad assumption).

  • can't connect with or without proxy.
    I'm sure site issues.
    checkout their headers at

  • Thanks for the help. is a great tool.

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