Random Dropouts 5 Times Per Day

  • Hey guys,

    Hoping someone might be able to give me some info.
    Basically have an ADSL2+ connection, running through a linksys modem in full bridge modem.  Have a PFSense box connecting via PPPoE to the net, with one DHCP user at the moment (due to the issues).
    We are finding that there are at least 5 drop out per day - and we are not sure why.  I have isolated the phone line, run the modem in half bridge and had that perform authentication, tried a different modem - all with the same result - dropouts day after day.
    The firewall rules allow PrivateLan -> all outgoing, no incoming since there are no servers / port forwards etc.
    I think the "blockbogons" is also enabled from memory (not sure if this would impact it at all)

    Would there be any reason/settings in the PFSense box that could be causing this issue.  It seems like a pretty simple setup to me.
    The ISP is telling me that their log shows the line loss of authentication, but not loss of sync (at least until the PFSense box get's rebooted).
    If i login to the PFSense, and manually reconnect it all works OK again for a while, before another dropout.

    Any help/push in the right direction is much appreciated.

  • And the pfSense log shows … ?

    What NICs are in use?

    Is hardware checksum enabled?

  • The log - i'm not onsite - so by the time i get there, there are 1000 of lines…
    Haven't really gone through it in detail... i will check it and post back on this.

    The NICs are Intel Pro GT (1000? from memory) - approved on the BSD list.

    Hardware checksum.. i am not familiar with this, sorry - can you elaborate please?

  • @frankyyy:

    Hardware checksum.. i am not familiar with this, sorry - can you elaborate please?

    From web GUI: System -> Advanced, scroll down to Hardware Options, ensure there is a check mark in the box, click Save.

    This is a suggestion only - a simple and low risk change that MIGHT fix your problem.

    If you search the forums you should find a number of entries describing some of the problems observed from broken hardware checksum offloading.

  • Thanks wallabybob, will check this out shortly.

    Many thanks for your prompt responses.

  • Also might be helpful to post the system logs.

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