FTP-Helper working?

  • I'm using the latest version of pfSense, and it is all most perfect! A warm thanx to the team behind pfSense. :D

    But I do have a problem! I can't get my ftp-helper to work, or at least this is what I think!

    I have one public IP address, and a class C network behind the firewall.
    One of the servers behind the fw needs to collect and send files via ftp to an ip address that is connected with IPSec VPN connection.
    I manage to get the VPN tunnel up and running, and sitting on the console i can ping and ftp to that remote IP address at the end of VPN tunnel. But the machines on my private network can't make an FTP connection to the remote IP addr. Other addresses on the internet works like a charm.

    If I understand the concept about the FTP-Helper right, it will act like the middleman an do the actual connection. I understant that I don't need an route to that remote IP addr., since the connection is made from one of the internal clients to the firewall where the FTP-Helper will do the actual work! Is this the way it will work? I realy need some advice/help on this issue, since I have now used more than two days on this issue alone.
    I can't find any logfiles that is indicating activity on the ftp-helper.


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