• Hi,
    I installed pfsense 1.2.1 and I can route traffic. It works great!
    I want to configure upstream proxy, since the only way I can surf is through proxy. That way I can't upgrade pfsense nor install packages.
    I have tried to configure pfsense to use proxy for packages (ie setenv HTTP_PROXY "http://myproxy.mydomain.com:8080"/) from shell however it doesnt work.
    Is there any repository where I can download squid for version I have and install it manually, and the configure upstream proxy?


  • Now I tried and managed to fetch some packages using pkg_add -r name_of_package

    Does anybody knows package name of squid or URL for Pfsense version 1.2.3


  • I've installed squid using pkg_add -r squid

    Now, is there any way to upgrade webgui to show squid config?