Pico PSU reliability

  • Hi,

    I'm considering building an Atom 330 mini itx system and add a dual intel nic. Just wondering if anyone has used a Pico PSU for a significant amount of time-say a year or so running 24/7.


  • I've used a Pico PSU 24x7 in a mini-ITX system for over a year. My impression is that the Pico shuts down if it gets too hot. The box is near a window on the western side of my house and it does get quite hot there mid to late afternoon in mid summer. After the Pico shutdown (and was quite hot to touch) I ran the box without a lid and haven't had a repeat of the problem.

  • Good to hear. If I go the Pico route, I'll make sure to keep it cool

    Thank you for the response.

  • I have had one running for about 6 months 24/7.  No problems at all.  My basement never gets above 65F.

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