Remove residual DTMF in audio stream

  • I am running an application where I am bridging inbound SIP calls from a carrier to 1 of several application servers. The carrier is supplying RFC2833 but there seems to be short residual DTMF tones in the RTP stream which may not be under the carriers control. The application servers are running Dialogic drivers which are picking up some of the residual audio and duplicating DTMF. There does not appear to be a way of setting a minimum DTMF duration in Dialogic to drop these short tones. Is there a way to configure Freeswitch in pfSense to remove these residual tones from the audio stream while bridged?

    I know that strictly speaking this is not a pfSense issue but if there's a way to drop the residual tones in the firewall it would resolve a growing IVR reliability issue. Thank-you.

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