Basic windows shares

  • I just installed pfsense. I have my lan Pfsense

    My WAN
    MY opt

    On my lan side all shares stopped working except to and from the servers.

    For instance my C_drive is no longer viewable on any other windows xp box

    Does pfsense kill the NetBIOS request on the Lan side?

    Is there any way to stop it?


  • Well that interesting have you tried to check bypass all firewall rules for the LAN?


  • Are your OPT and WAN bridged?

    Are you trying to find network shares via "My Network Places"?
    This will not work over a router.
    You need to access the network-share via IP directly.

  • Lan and wan are bridged. I just turned off the advanced option "Bypass firewall rules for traffic on the same interface" Did not help.

    What I have found out is that my Mcafee firewalls on our clients have started treating its own subnet as an un-trusted network. I do not know if this is a coincidence it happened the same day I installed the pfsense firewall. To fix it I had to manually put in the IP address for the trusted network on each machine.

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