Bug - dnsmasq exiting on receipt of SIGTERM ?

  • Hi all,

    Again I got this error in my pfsense box, at last time I reinstall in other hard disk, i tried the same but not works.

    Now I´m using 1.2.3 RELEASE version built in 6 Dec.

    Is there some patch or line to modify to fix it?

    Follow above error:

    Dec 11 17:24:05 dnsmasq[5545]: exiting on receipt of SIGTERM

    P.S: Pfsense is over VMwares ESXi.


    Heitor Lessa

  • up!

  • Highly unlikely that's a bug or a whole lot more people than just you would be seeing it. Not sure what to suggest. Any logs around that? Something is sending dnsmasq a kill signal, and it's exiting as it should. The only thing in our code that does that is when you disable it.

  • thx for reply.

    On log no one answer for Who kill it, just exiting on SIGTERM (kill -SIGTERM dnsmasq)… Is there some log more specific on shell that I get more answer like /var/log/messages (OS linux like)?

    This happen third time with me, I´m thinking this problem happen just w/ specific hardware, cause in my T300 (DELL) this not happen w/ 30 users.


    Heitor Lessa