How to compile a binary for pfsense (need help with owfs/owserver)?

  • Hey, first of all I'd like to thank you guys for pfSense, it has been working really well for me (almost a year up now) and has been a fantastic distro.

    Currently I'd somehow need to get owserver installed. owserver is a program that fetches data from Dallas 1-wire protocol devices (stuff like temperature sensors, humidity sensors, memory chips, all kinds of stuff) and functions as a server (for example I'd like to use to serve temperature sensor readings to a script in my webhost that generates rrdgraphs) for that data.

    At first I attempted to compile it on the pfsense system but while trying to install gcc and all the other stuff needed I understood I'm unable to compile it on the system due to not having enough space (and not being able to find all the dependencies from pkg_add etc.).

    I also tried extracting the (i586) binary from the .rpm packages in the owfs sourceforge site but it would not run on pfSense giving me an error like:

    ELF binary type "0" not known.
    ./owserver: Exec format error. Binary file not executable.

    How do I compile owserver for my pfSense system? I do NOT need any other functionality than what owserver offers (I do not need the whole owfs system which includes all kinds of stuff that would be impossible to support in pfSense). I DO need USB support (so I need libusb-dev as well). Other dependencies seem to be libtool (I think) and then stuff needed to compile the WHOLE (I'm not sure what exactly I need for compiling just owserver) system like: gcc, g++, automake, autoconf, autotools-dev.

    I do not have any experience in compiling something on a different system… or compiling anything in general other than the "./configure && make && make install" -stuff.

    My pfSense system (i386) is running: "1.2-RELEASE built on Sun Feb 24 17:04:58 EST 2008" and is installed on the HDD (a CF card) on an Intel Atom based system.

    Here is the owfs site:
    Here is the owfs Sourceforge site (with downloads):

    Would installing/compiling owserver for pfSense even be possible? It would seem to me it should be possible (if the USB support does not require any kernel support... I'm not an expert) but I have literally no idea how or where to start.

  • pfSense is based on FreeBSD, the package you refer to is for Linux.  In your case you want to get a hold of either the FreeBSD 6.2 package for owfs, or a FreeBSD 6.2 install, build a VM and compile it there.

    I'd suggest that you upgraded to 1.2.3 first and then used FreeBSD 7.2 (which AFAIK is what underpins 1.2.3).  Note that as this is explicitly a Linux program it may not function under FreeBSD.  FreeBSD is very different to Linux, particularly regarding USB.

  • owserver does compile under freebsd. (See thanks to the work of Robert Nilsson.

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