Still, no second WAN / OPT1 DynDNS support?

  • Having already posted this issue, I went back to update my thread (,13126.0.html) after having discovered that it has not improved, only to find it locked by admin.

    Things have changed slightly, at this point:  Currently running WAN with Public IP over cable, OPT1 with PPPoE and Public IP over DSL.  Both are dynamic.  Being as cable is port-blocked, I attempted to activate DynDNS services on a FRESH LOAD:
    built on Sat Dec 5 23:50:02 EST 2009
    FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE-p1

    Things hung for 2-3 minutes, and then my OPT1 account with DNS-O-Matic was updated with my WAN IP address.  Odd, but at least the update occurred.  So, I added an account for the WAN iface, assuming that they might just be somehow reversed, but the result was 2 accounts updated with the same WAN IP…

    Are we getting anywhere on this?

  • Thank you, I appreciate seeing some progress on this.

    However, at this point, it seems to be further broken.  Currently, I've got 3 WAN's, all of which are DHCP, and each have their own respective subdomains with DynDNS (currently not used, while troubleshooting this) and OpenDNS/DNS-O-Matic.  After updating to newest snapshots, only OPT2 is able to update, but does so with THE WRONG IP.  I've no idea where the IP address it's been updated wih came from, but it surely isn't one that ANY of my interfaces holds…

    The others are coming back with the error (on the DNS-O-Matic site), "!yours".  This error seems, according to their site, to come from either of 2 problems:  1. Someone else already has that IP address registered with their hostname, or 2. The IP update is not being sent from it's own IP address.

    That said, it might be necessary, for multiwan setups, to make sure that a policy-based route is automatically created for each WAN IP to be updated via it's own gateway.  I'm not sure how to go about this, as the updates all go to the same host, from the same host...

  • Actually just today i fixed a problem with dyndns+dhcp setups.
    For the other cases i am not sure other that it needs more debugging!
    Try a new snapshot and report what you found.

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