Multi-wan newshosting problem

  • I have three modems from the same ISP, all of them have speeds of 3Mb down/1Mb up. When I download from Usenet using a SINGLE modem, the speeds is maxed at 3Mbps, this goes for all modems. When I load balance all three and start Usenet downloading, modem1 and modem2 are maxed out but modem3 is just reaching half its speed (1.5 MBps). This doesn't concern my usenet service not allowing multiple ips, since they do provide me special privileges to use multiple ips.

    This problem occurred after upgrading to 1.2.3, I don't know what had happened. Before 1.2.3, all connections are always maxed out.

    What could be the possible solution? Please help. Thanks :)

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