Lemme guess… downgrade means I need to reinstall...

  • Somehow, trying to back out to 1.2.3rc1 (or eve 1.2.3rc3, which was running on this machine a couple days ago, same image) gives
    "The uploaded image file is not for this platform (pfSense)."

    Sure was a few days ago…

    So, do I need to now reinstall as if the machine never ran pfsense before? FreeBSD 7.2 seems to be bad news for me.

  • Re-install to downgrade is generally the only way to do it reliably, for any platform.

  • Generally in the past, you could downgrade successfully. We now have tighter checks on upgrade files that check a platform file that doesn't exist in older updates, to make sure you can't apply the wrong update. You can bypass that by editing /usr/local/www/system_firmware.php and removing these two lines:

    if (file_is_for_platform($_FILES['ulfile']['tmp_name'], $_FILES['ulfile']['name']) == false && !$_POST['sig_override'])
    $input_errors[] = "The uploaded image file is not for this platform ({$g['platform']}).";

    make sure you get a config backup before you downgrade and be ready to reinstall in the worst case.

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