Installing New pfSense 1.2.3 on Alix 2D3 without removing CF card

  • Before upgrading to an Alix, I was using OpenWRT and various 3rd party firmware.  They were either CFE or RedBoot based and I can use TFT, Serial Console, or JTAG.  From serial connection I can erase, flash and checksum verify a complete image using tftp or x/ymodem.  For various stability reasons, I try to avoid Web based upgrading with my routers, as I've bricked some.

    I'm still kinda new at using the Alix Embedded, and am wondering if it's possible to do it without opening up the case.  Tried googling for an answer without success.

    I guess I just need 3 basic features, format/erase/verify the CF card, upload/write the image, and finally checksum the initial image to make sure it's properly written.  I'm considering buying a few more of these embedded boards, but disassembling EVERYTHING just to remove the CF card is very troublesome!

    Any info. is GREATLY appreciated!

  • See the release notes of 1.2.3:

    Embedded switched to nanobsd - this is a major improvement of our embedded version, and the old embedded has been discontinued. This is explained in detail here.


    Reliable upgrades – Finally, no longer is there a need to re-flash your CF and restore your configuration.

  • You'll have to disassemble to get to 1.2.3, but from there you won't in the future. If you buy your ALIX kits from Netgate, they ship pre-installed.

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