Bridged load balancing or failover

  • Is it already possible to do load balancing or failover in a bridged network?

                                                                                                            / –-- [(]
    [LAN(] –- [switch] –- [<rl0>pfsense<rl1>] –- [switch] –- | ---- [(]
                                                                                                            \ –-- [(]

    Those LAN pcs have their gateways pointed to gw1 or gw2 or gw3.

    I'd like to know if there's a possible way to round-robin modify their gateway as it passes to pfsense box.

    The thing is I want to transparently migrate the network without changing a lot of settings on LAN.

    If anyone can help me even if not yet implemented in pfsense but possible in freebsd. I'd like to know some details on pfsense loadbalancing, so maybe I could just make it happen.


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