Internal DNS server??

  • We have satellite internet, and I want to improve speeds, if I can.

    My question is, if I build a internal DNS server will that increase speeds on our network, and how will that interfere with squid (which automatically caches DNS)??

    If it is possible with pfsense, then please tell me how its done… or point me in the right direction. Otherwise, I'm thinking I'll get another box and install freeBSD on it, or something.

    Any ideas?

  • I've come across squid only as a web cache, not a DNS cache. Perhaps its both. I think if you search the forums for DNS Cache you'll probably find some threads that would be helpful.

    As far as "improve speeds" goes it would probably be useful to clarify what you mean by that. Increase speed of big downloads? (then increase the speed of your satellite link, download compressed versions of files, maybe use torrents for downloads etc) Reduce the time it takes for web pages to load? (Web cache would likely help unless you are the one that loads the cache. DNS cache would likely help also, unless you are the one loading the cache.) Neither of the two proposals for reducing web page load times will do much to increase speed of big downloads.

  • increase the cache that squid can use (doesnt speed up downloads) search the forum for using squid with video (in case you watch same clip a couple of times) dns caching is done by computers automatically (pf does it too i think, this all depends on the ttl (time to live/the time that the ip expires and computer is told to recheck) of the domain name

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