Upgrade from 1.2.2 to 1.2.3 DHCP issue

  • I'm really excited about the new release but there's a problem I'm seeing since I've upgraded from 1.2.2 and I wonder if its happening to anyone else?

    Post upgrade everything seemed to be fine…

    At night, I typically shut down the PC (on my LAN) which I use to access the Internet and same PC that I use to access my PFSense box via Webgui. This PC gets a DHCP lease and I have Static ARP entries enabled and Deny unknown hosts in PFSense DHCP settings. I checked my MAC address and all entries are correct and intact after the upgrade.

    Unfortunately for some reason when I turn my PC back on the next day and try to get online, initially I can't... I can't even get to the WebGui since I'm not getting an IPaddress from PFS.

    The only solution is a shutdown/restart of my PFSense box after which all is fine once again on my LAN (until the next time I restart my LAN PC). I can't figure it out...

    Any idea's? I'm tempted to do a clean install and reload my rules from backup .xml config. But if there's an easier way tackle this, I would appreciate any suggestions.


  • What do your logs from DHCP show?

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