Firewall rules set to balancer for gateway block all

  • i was able to successfully setup the balancer following:

    however, when i add a rule to any "lan" interface to send all traffic using the balancer as the gateway, the interface stops accepting any traffic at all.  the only way to get it to work again is to log in on another "lan" interface and take the rule out.  once that happens, all is well. and packets can get out using the default gateway.

  • Leave the deafult LAN rule in place and create a rule directing traffic before the default lan rule.

  • Also make sure the gateways in the pool are up (see status>loadbalancer for link status). If they are down you most likely have invalid monitor IP settings or the links are really down for some reason.

  • i was told on the forums to add a rule that says
    allow all from local subnet, destined for the local subnet, that uses the default gateway, before the rule that says to direct all traffic to the balancer gateway.  it fixed the issue.

    i am having another issue ATM though
    configuration is:
    3 local subnets, and
    primary wan is dhcp to cable
    opt3 (wan2) is dhcp using for the address,  it connects to a linksys on which DMZ's to pfsense and handles the dsl connection.

    yesterday, just after setup, when i unpligged the WAN interface, the balancer status went to offline for both WAN's.  after a reboot i tested it out and it seemed to go ok.

    this morning, the dsl modem was powered off,  and the status showed as oneline for both wan's.

    i rebooted pfsense, and unplugged WAN2, dsl, but the balancer status shows it as online.
    if i unplug the cable feed, both go offline again
    i am also noticing that when i access via a web browser to configure the linksys, when changing pages, i get a page not displayed, then need to refresh in order to see what i want.
    pings take 9ms to and tracert shows the following.

    Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops
      1     6 ms    15 ms     7 ms
      2    12 ms    12 ms    10 ms []
      3     9 ms    11 ms     9 ms []
      4     8 ms     7 ms     8 ms

    i have no clue where the address is coming from.  the gateway for WAN is
    gateway for WAN2 is,  ip on the wan of the linksys is and the gateway should be in that subnet.

    any help, again, is greatly appreciated

  • Something is messed up with your install. As link down detection is not working you should revisit your monitoring IPs. They are most likely wrong. Monitoring IPs have to be different for each link in the pool btw.

  • monitor IP's are set to the ISP's primary dns server for each segment.
    the gateway for the dsl connection was set to and monitor was 226.something
    the gateway for the cable connection was 24.x.x.1 (ip of modem, listed as gateway for connection)
    dns server used for monitor was

  • Make sure you monitor IPs actually respond to pings.

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