Installation failed! Pfsense 1.2.3 release

  • I keep getting installation failed messages when trying to install squid or other 1.2.3 packages.  I had the same problem with 1.2.2.  The only thing I can install is snort.  I looked through the forums, but the posts didn't provide any solutions.  I take it most people just either solved it themselves or gave up using the packages without posting on the forum for further developments.

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    Is this a fresh install of 1.2.3 or an upgraded install?

    When you receive this error, look carefully at the bottom or top of the page (or even behind the main box) to see if there is a PHP error showing on the page somewhere. Usually it will toss back an error with some kind of a hint as to what happened.

    If this isn't a fresh install, it might be a good idea to backup the config, wipe, and reload/restore the config.

  • I didn't see anything, or maybe I don't know what I'm looking for.  This is a fresh 1.2.3 installation.

    Here are the errors:
    checking for successful package …  installation failed!

    installation aborted.

    Most of the packages I try to install end up that way.

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    Is your pfSense box directly connected to the internet or is it behind some kind of proxy or portal?

    It's working fine for everyone else, so there must be something unique about your setup triggering the issue.

  • The pfsense is connected to the cable modem directly.

    I got the squid package to install but only after i allowed outbound port 80 for the lan address on the wan.  Strange that I didn't have to do this for the snort install.

    Yeah my sloppy firewall rules is probably messing something up.  I have 3 subnets for pfsense labeled as lan, lan2 and lan3.  Lan 3 is just for pfsense configuration and updates.

    Wan rules:
    2 default blocking (bogon and unassigned block blocking)
    Incoming wan address blocking
    Incoming lan gateway blocking
    Incoming lan 2 gateway blocking
    Incoming lan 3 gateway blocking

    I'm not sure if the gateway blocking is necessary but I'm using it just in case

    I didn't have any outgoing rules for wan… but for some reason squid would not install until i let lan 3 gateway have outbound port 80

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    You do not need to add any rules on WAN for "extra" blocking. It blocks everything by default. You would only need to add a block rule to (a) stop it from logging certain things or (b) restrict a pass rule that comes later in the rule set.

    You only specify incoming rules on interfaces, not outgoing.

    If you want to block traffic from leaving the LAN, you do it on the LAN tab, and so on.

    You're better off removing everything from the WAN interface if you only have block rules, but you can leave the Bogons/RFC1918 blocking as-is.

  • Do I need to set any outgoing pass rules for wan?

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    Do I need to set any outgoing pass rules for wan?

    No, traffic can leave from the pfSense box itself by default (and can't be blocked, actually)

    If you want to prevent someone from getting out of the WAN, you need to block them coming into the (LAN, LAN2, LAN3, etc).

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