DynDns: feature wish

  • Apologizes if out of topic, but I don't know where to ask.

    My problem: every time I update my Pfsense, I have to patch a file in order to have my DynDns to work with my domain host/registar.

    My registar is OVH, they provide a DynDns service.

    My wish: is it possible to have a server URL field on the DynDns form, or to add OVH in the list of services

    My setting in the DynDns form is to choose "DynDNS (Dynamic)" and the appropriates values, and I patch the file "/etc/inc/dyndns.class", I replace the line
        $server = "https://members.dyndns.org/nic/update";
    with the line
        $server = "https://www.ovh.com/nic/update";

    I found what to do with a search in the live CD, I didn't analyse the file, so I can't do the whole thing by myself.


  • No answer so far !

    not even to tell me that i should ask at another place in the forum !


  • I believe there are enhanced dynamic dns features in pfSense 2.0 (compared with 1.2.3). Perhaps what you are looking for is already in 2.0.

    (I don't have any experience of pfSense 2.0 yet).

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