Dual Wan and AON

  • Hey Does this look right to everyone?

    I had have a lan rule [lanrules.png] to make telnet (for testing) go out 'ADSL Only' and it was working until I set AON [aon.png]

    Now it seems to be load balancing the telnet connection. Is that enough info in the screen shots or do you need more?

  • Maybe you want to see the load balancing?

  • Well, I am pretty sure that I was testing it all wrong.

    I will certainly post back if I have more troubles, but things are starting to look pretty good.

    I wanted to pass along something that Hoba posted:

    Advanced outbound nat does not determine where the traffic gets routed. That is done with the firewall rules. AON only adds the natting when it gets routed out through the one or the other interface. You have to check your firewallrules or your loadbalancer status to see [what] is happening.

    And [sticky connections] will keep a client on one wan until all it's states have expired

    I found that quite informative, because I was having troubles getting this all straight in my head.

    The only real solid advice I can offer at this point is: Try to get a good nights sleep before trying to figure this all out  ;D

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