I cant ping nor access my WAN DNS please help

  • i cant ping my WAN DNS nor my IP address.. but when i used my laptop and i put all the static ip i use in my WAN i can access the internet.. i think there is a problem with my pfsense setting..

  • I think you don't give enough information about your setup for anyone to be able to help you.

  • im sorry about that… but can a monowall and a pfsense work together connected in a single switch? i have a monowall installed in my network.. but i want to install a pfsense in that same switch..

    but i am having problem with the pfsense even if i already configured its static IP.. i still cant browse in the internet

  • Again: you dont give any information about your setup.
    Unless you start giving information about

    • How is your network is set up (diagram, subnets, what connected where)
    • What you want to do.
      nobody is able to help you

  • here is my diagram

    Modem (Router) 124.106.***.17 /29 Switch ->(124.106..19/29)Pfsense ->LAN ( Cannot Access Internet / Ping the modem / router )
                                                        |                                                       / 24 
                                                        |__ > (124.106.
    .*18/29) Monowall –- LAN ( Internet Connection is Fine )

    I hope i am right this time

  • Thank you this is clear :)
    I dont see any problem with this way of setup.

    Where did you ping the modem-router? From a client behind the pfSense or from the pfSense itself?
    What kind of WAN is in front of the modem-router?

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