Notes about Intel NIC and upgrade to 1.2.3 RELEASE

  • Hi,

    I have an Intel 100 card and apparently was affected by the warning in this post:

    where Chris warns about the FreeBSD driver regression.

    So, as I understand it this can be regarded as a FreeBSD bug? Any specific reason why this isn't fixed you think? I also seem to remember other SW problems mentioned elsewhere involving FreeBSD specifically; if I'm not mistaken the FreeNAS project used to complain about a long time bug where writing to FAT32 drives over Samba would corrupt data.

    FreeNAS is based on M0n0wall…

    Back to pfS: I used 1.2.3RC3 too and that was also based on FreeBSD 7.2? I don't remember having any serious connection problems with the WAN (where my Intel 100 NIC is) earlier.

    But after upgrade to 1.2.3 RELEASE surfing and some other stuff almost halted, some sites worked sort of and others didn't, sort of randomly, POP3 stopped working etc. But efter I reread the post from Chris carefully and changed the setting the problems went away.

    It was very fortunate that this warning/note was added to the blog post otherwise I and some others would've been sitting for days troubleshooting..


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