Maximum number of OPTs and a better way to subnet

  • I wanted to confirm the maximum number of OPT interfaces that pfsense can handle. I browsed and googled, but could find no answer.

    Also, is there another way to let pfsense handle multiple subnets (not counting vlans because our switches don't support them) ?


  • The FreeBSD device drivers generally will handle an arbitrary number of devices.

    If you are wanting a "large" number of interfaces you will probably have to use multi-port NICs which tend to be expensive and you might find its more economical to get a VLAN capable switch. For smaller numbers of NICs (say 2 to 4) you might still find its cheaper to use a VLAN capable switch than purchase new Intel NICs.

  • I once had for a LAN-party a setup with 4xGbit + 1x100 Mbit NICs.
    Each Gbit NIC had 12 VLANs on it.
    –> A total of 47 OPT (+LAN +WAN).

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