Dual wan speed

  • ok here is my setup

    WAN interface (rl1)
    IP address 67.49.xxx.xxx
    Subnet mask
    ISP DNS servers

    LAN interface (dc0)
    IP address 
    Subnet mask

    OPT1 interface (rl0)
    IP address 74.62.xxx.xxx 
    Subnet mask

    two Modem==–Pfsense box===--switch===-house network

    each modem does 30mb down and 2mbup so all together i should get 60down and 4up right??? well thats what i was thinking but after reading some more i found out that thats not what i well be geting so i was hopeing to get maybe like 40 or 50 but i only gets 30mb down oh and also i dont know if this helps but my upload hads always been right 40MB no problem with the up load speed...after reading some more i was thinking about get 2 more routers to set it up this way
    two Modem==--two routers===-Pfsense box===--switch===-house network
    but from what i did read thats only to setup different gateways and as you can see i get different gateways from my modems i dont want to buy to more modem if its not going to help me please give me some feed back think you

  • You will only get a maximum of 30Mbps down (2Mbps up) for any one connection. You cannot split a single connection over two WAN interfaces so you will never achieve 60 Mbps using a broadband speed tester.
    If you have a lot of users or simultaneous connections, they can be load balanced over the two WAN interfaces and you will use up the bandwidth from both connections.

  • look here i just  did a speed test at http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/
    Download Speed: 28934 kbps (3616.8 KB/sec transfer rate)
    Upload Speed: 3326 kbps (415.8 KB/sec transfer rate)

    and also look speedtest.net

    it works with the upload so why not for the download thats what im asking? and if i get two modems is that going to help me?

  • It's possible that your provider has a traffic shaper in place that allows short bursts of upload of more than 2Mbit.
    The other possibility is, that this speedtest uses more than one connection to test the upload. (Probably not).

    It won't make a difference if you add two more routers.
    This would only be an issue if you have two connections from the same provider which gives you two IPs out of the same subnet with the same gateway.

    What you can try: Start multiple speedtests at once.
    The sum of all speedtests should be 60/4.

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