Change log, version 2 and low level filtering

  • Hey, I just thought about three question I still have about pfsense…

    Is there a clear and complete changelog available for each version? And an history since the start?

    Also, I start hearing about version 2, is there a list of changes that will be made to version 2?

    And for my last question, is there an option in the firewall to set rules as low as ethernet ethertypes?? if not, is it possible down to IP packet types numbers?



    For older versions you probably need to look at

    Afaik it's not possible to filter with your own ethertypes (or at least the gui doesnt support it).
    But you can filter with different IP protocols. In the gui supported are: TCP, UDP, ICMP, ESP, AH, GRE, IGMP, CARP, pfSync

    For what would you need this?

  • If you dont have a rule to allow it: yes it will be blocked.

    There is another entry in the drop-down: "any"
    If you dont have a rule allowing any, then the protocols not specifically allowed, will be blocked.

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