Portforward Issues

  • What does it mean when portforward works with my linksys router but not my pfsense 1.2.3 final router for a specific application? it gets a little more difficult to test since this application utilizes UDP rather than TCP. did some packet sniffing and I found random udp ports used rather than the one specified. So difficult to come to a conclusion whether the issue is pfsense or the program design but what's for sure is it works on other routers including my old pfsense 1.2-rc3 which is currently in production use. I'm so lost. Suggestions anyone?

    The program is called Garena (http://www.garena.com).. a gaming portal 'based' on vpn and utilizes udp. If anyone is willing to help test, you just need to enter any room (better one with many people ~200 people). If port forwarding works, over 80% of the people should have a ping (1-4 bars) and if not, MOST should have 'x' ping.

    Port forward appears to work with my torrent and other stuff I think.

  • Fixed FINALLY, jeez this Static Port thing really ought to be enabled by default…. not everybody will notice this, as it may break some stuff. Took me a while, and this is all dejavu for me since I once came across this issue before now that I vaguely remember.

  • How did you fix it?

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