About how Firewall rulles are applied

  • Hi!
    Here is situation:

    p f S e n s e
    packet -> -> check? -> check?-> ->

    I have pfSense witch can route packets between LAN and WAN
    When I send a pocket from machine connected to LAN to a server connected somewhere in the Internet (to WAN), on witch port pocket filter do the filtering work?
    I wonder, if firewall rulles are doublechecked on the LAN port at first, and at the WAN port at second?
    In another words,
    Firewall rulles are applied on a port, on witch packets come in(LAN), or from witch port they come out(WAN), or on both of this ports?

    I am really confused about it.
    I would really appriciate the description on how it really works.
    Thank You a Lot

  • @http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic:

    Rules are processed from top to down.
    If a rule catches the rest of the rules is no longer considered.
    Per default a "block all" rule is always in place (invisible below your own rules).

    Traffic is filtered on the Interface on which traffic comes in.
    So traffic coming in on the LAN-Interface will only be processed by the rules you define on the LAN tab.

  • Thank You!
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