Multi IP Single WAN

  • pfSense v1.2.3 RC1
    One LAN -
    One WAN - Static IPs -
    How do we forward :
    all WAN traffic from StaticIP to LAN achine at ?
    all WAN traffic from StaticIP to LAN achine at ?

    • Create VIPs for your additional IPs.
    • Create portforwards: either 1:1 NAT, or normal portforwards with AoN rules.

  • Thanks!

    The following did the job:

    Firewall -> Virtual IPs  -> +
    Type: Proxy ARP
    Interface: WAN
    IP Addresses(s): Type:    Single Address
                           Address: Global IP2
    Firewall -> Aliases => +
    Name: Server1Alias
    Type: Host(s)
    Host(s): LAN IP of Server1
    Firewall -> NAT -> NAT 1:1 -> +
    Interface: WAN
    External subnet: GlobalIP2
    Internal subnet: Server1Alias
    Firewall -> Rules
    Action: Pass
    Interface: WAN
    Protocol: any
    Source: Any
    Destination: Type:     Single Host or Alias
                     Address: Server1Alias

  • Thx for sharing your solution, but maybe somebody know it works with different public subnets?

    Public WAN IPs
      xx.xx.1.1/29 gw xx.xx.1.1
      xx.xx.2.1/29 gw xx.xx.2.1
      xx.xx.3.1/29 gw xx.xx.3.1
    Local LAN IPs

    Problem: to handle with NAT 1:1 from public to lan IPs

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