1 Wan in DHCP and multiple CARP on LAN

  • Hi all,
    I want to make this configuration (mono Wan) :

    –------pfsense1 (FW1)----------------- (lan + opt2(vlan20) + opt3 (vlan21) + 2 others vlan)
                                      |          |
    WAN (dhcp) ---------------      pfsync-opt1
                                      |          |
                                      |          |
                                      --------pfsense2 (FW2)----------------- (lan + opt2(vlan20) + opt3 (vlan21) + 2 others vlan) (same as FW1)

    Carp is configured on all the LAn and vlan.
    How can I do to make the dhclient stopping on FW1 and starting on FW2 in case of outage on FW1 ? Is it possible to do it like this ?
    I think I have a solution in configuring the Wan interface as Fixe IP with a fake ip that I take from the /24 range that is given  to me
    (ex : My fixe wan ip send by my provider is :, I put the ip on wan FW1 and on FW2 and carp
    What's your feeling about that ? I would prefer a release/renew of the Wan ip while switching from a FW to another if possible !

    2nd  question : Can we put weight on the carp interface ? For exemple, I only want to switch if I loose WAN interface or Lan interface but not the other vlan.
    3rd Question : is it possible to have some interface master and the other backup on the same FW ? If yes, how does the flow pass through the FW  ? (via the pfsync interface ?).

    thanks for your help.

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