LCDproc wiring on LPT a HD44780 LCD device

  • Hi,
    I am having problem wiring a LCD device HD44780 compatible.
    The standard wiring is supposed to be defined in LCDd.conf (4bit, 8bit, winamp, etc…)
    I cannot find the config file anywhere.
    I am using 1.2.3 RELEASE on a regular Pentium M mini-itx board.
    Any idea what is the default wiring for LCDproc ?
    Thank you

  • Please, someone did it ?

  • I'll get a picture of mine this week end. I remember I had to find everything by myself.  :-[
    Mine is a // 44780 lcd w/ pin 15 cut, with the standard 44780 lcdconf profile.

  • I've searched for my old configuration file, but I didn't find it  :-[

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