Traffic shaping based on URL?

  • I'd like to limit the download speed (or lower their priority) from servers such as Rapidshare, Megaupload etc.

    If the IP(range)s of these servers were known I could use the pfsense traffic shaper, but alas.

    I know I could block access to eg. altogether by using Squid, but I just want to limit the download speed. It seems Squid also has traffic shaping support, so perhaps I could set up some filters based on URLs (, *, …) in Squid, and then use the built in traffic shaping in Squid?

    Could anyone point me in the right direction?

    Googling and searching the forum, I couldn't find much on setting up traffic shaping inside Squid in combination with Pfsense.

  • traffic shaping uses IP addresses, unfortunately.

  • @danswartz:

    traffic shaping uses IP addresses, unfortunately.

    I know, hence my question on how to use Squid for this purpose instead of pfsense built in traffic shaping.

  • simple, since u use squid, find overall bandwidth throttle option, or use per host throttle option. give amount Kbps for the bandwidth leecher…

  • I tried, but gave up on Squid as I couldn't get it to work reliably with large downloads. See,21458.0.html

    Here's a (quick & dirty) list of Rapidshare networks:

    I now set up an alias based on this list, and route Rapidshare traffic to qOthersDownL with the built in Pfsense traffic shaper.

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