DNS forwarder domain redirect

  • All three options checked under DNS forwarder.
    Redirected hosts work as expected.
    In system logs, "dnsmasq[5367]: using nameserver for domain company.ca".
    Clients configured to use local DNS servers (windows 2k8/2k3) which use pfsense for DNS relay.

    Pinging 'company.ca' from pfsense or any of the clients resolves to the external IP.

    What gives?


  • Anybody?

  • What do you want to happen? The pfSense DNS to return an internal address for company.ca? If so, on the Services -> DNS page below the three check boxes there is room to specify entries you want to override results from external DNS servers.

    Unless I've missed something the behaviour you describe matches the behaviour described on the Services -> DNS page.

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