SIP Coned NAT - Assistance

  • Hello - I have been trying to get this working however, I ran into a few problems. After researching it appears that there is an issue with Conned NAT and SIP.

    My current setup ->

    DSL (pppOE) pfSense -> Switch -> ATA(voip)

    I read you must utilize advanced NAT however I'm not really sure how to set this up. My WAN interface is always going to get a dynamic IP so should I be setting up a virtual IP and selecting WAN putting in a dummy IP?

    any help would be fantastic at this point as I'm not really sure how to proceed?


    However for SIP there are already predefined rules which are active per default.
    Are you running on a nonstandard port?

  • Yep I spoke to my ISP my ATA needs the following forwarded


    and 20000 to 20011 which I have done, I changed the outbound nat to advanced and enabled Static Mapping still no successful sip registration

  • Did you actually forward these ports?
    Just enabling static ports is not enough.

  • Yep ports have been forwarded, and nat rules have been created. voip company offered little help I attached some screenshots if anyone see's anything I might be missing?

  • Strange….
    Looking at your screenshot i would say everything is in order and it should work.

    What voip provider are you using?

  • it's through my ISP

    strange thing is I connect it directly to my modem and the voip works fine. I ran a packet capture it seems like its failing to register

  • How exactly do the frames coming from the pfSense differ in comparison to the frames sent when connected directly to the modem?

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