2.0 will it work normal for alix and home?

  • i read the other posts saying still not ready for production but can it atleast be used for home with just a few users coz the last time i installed it on alix, i never got the web gui but now its in alpha so considered asking before atempting.

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    It's still alpha, but getting better all the time.

    It might work fine, it might not, it's still a bit rough in some places.

    It also still has debugging turned on in the kernel so it will be slower than it might be otherwise.

  • I'm currently running the 2.0 nanobsd version on alix2D13, webgui is functional

  • the things i need to work r following so if its ok with 2.0 then ill shift over to that and help solve bugs etc and test it:

    DHCP on LAN and WAN bridged to LAN
    wireless using atheros card
    port forwarding
    traffic shaper
    firewall rules
    dynamic DNS

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    Of those, most of those work OK. I think DynDNS still need some work for multi-wan, and I haven't tried UPnP.

    I know of at least one redial fix for PPPoE that was found to be needed yesterday but I don't know if it was committed or not.

  • and lastly, can i save and restore the config from 1.2.3 to 2.0 or need to setup everything from scratch?

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    You can upgrade from 1.2.3 to 2.0, yes, but you can't go the other way, so be sure to keep backups before attempting an upgrade.

  • I don't mean to hijack this thread but whats the current status with pfsense and 802.11n wireless cards? Because my wireless card is a extended range 300MB/sec card and currently it only works as a 802.11g card.

    We also have just a few users (about 5), but we do rely heavily on wireless. Need to have squid working, and caching videos, and much of the things that xbipin mentioned as well.

  • where can i get the update image files to 2.0 coz i cant find it at http://snapshots.pfsense.org/FreeBSD_RELENG_8_0/i386/pfSense_HEAD/updates/

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    Just be patient, the builds are being upgraded from ALPHA status to BETA status, so they're probably just hidden temporarily.

  • oh, so this would be much stable snapshots, thats great, ill wait for it to be ready.

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    I don't know about "much more stable" but it's heading that way.

    It's still going to be BETA, not -RC or -RELEASE so there must still be a lot of caution involved.

  • i just upgraded to nanobsd 2.0 and following problems i faced

    • on upgrade the traffic shaper rules dont import or dont exists anymore
    • i need a 1 wan and 1 lan wizard rule for shaping but doesnt exists so i selected 1 wan and multi lan and selected 1 lan interface but it seems queues specific to upload r only created and not related to download as i see queues under WAN but nothing under LAN so download is not shaped.
    • using wizard where can i see and fix those rules created for each type of traffic such as DNS, MRDP, they dont appear even in firewall floating rules?
    • when i select multi wan and multi lan then it asks for number of wan interfaces and if i type 1 then still wizard doesnt go through

    • cant find the reboot system option

    sorry for this, actually i found things disappearing and then again appearing back on reboot, now i can see the reboot option

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    Those issues are worthy of a new thread if you have not started one already. I suggest you start a new topic with a relevant subject line for the traffic shaping issues.

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