DUAL WAN / Loadbalancing ~ problems

  • Hello,

    I'm new with Pfsense and router (dual WAN / loadbalancing).
    I downloaded the FAQ how to setup a dual WAN with loadbalancing and failover.
    But… It doesn't work, can someone help me?

    I got the config (backup) file overhere:


    Thank you.

    Kind regards Rob

  • By the way, only the WAN interface work (WAN2 not).
    When i take a look to the diagnose i see when i disconnect a cable so both wan's got a connection with inet.

  • Try following http://wiki.pfsense.com/wikka.php?wakka=OutgoingLoadBalancing . I think it's a bit more straight forward.

  • Thx i will try.

    Btw my router is crashed ? (can't find the XML file after mounting the drive's)
    This is happening after making a backup for this topic.

  • Make sure you selected the LoadBalancer as Gateway in the LAN->WAN Rule.
    In Loadbalancing Tutorial it is called "Balancer". (I´ve lost 2 days to figure this)


  • Thank you!
    I will try to reinstall the router with the new software and check the config files.
    I will put the results over here!

    Kind regards Rob

  • THX !
    That Balancer thing was a problem!
    I fixed that and after that the problem was solved :)

    But when i disconnect wan 1 i got inet and i can trace and when i disconnect wan2 i got inet and i can't trace anymore ?
    It seems very weird.

  • Use one DNS server from each WAN for your pfSense. Also add a static route to the OPT-WAN DNS/32 though the OPT-WAN gateway to not lose dns resolution when one WAN goes down.

  • Thx.
    I will try that :)

  • It works :) thx.

    But right now i got another problem…..

    I want to connect with RDP from WAN1 to LAN and not from WAN2 to LAN.
    I want to connect with FTP from WAN1 and WAN2 to LAN but 2 does have a higher prio.
    How can i  do that ? with traffic shape?
    And those firewall rules doesn't work any more after loadbalancing?

  • For the RDP it works just if you had a single WAN. Create a portforward at WAN and let the firewallrule be autocreated. Just don'T create a portforward at WAN2 and it only will be available from WAN1.

    FTP on WAN1 and WAN2 might become a bit tricky due to the ftp helper but it might work for passive modes with ftphelper disabled at WAN1 and WAN2 if you forward port 21 and the range that your ftp-server is using. However you can't give priority to one of the WANs. The trafficshaper only supports 2 interfaces atm and 2WANs+1LAN=3.

    What do you mean with firewallrules don't work anymore after loadbalancing?

  • Thank you for your reply.

    What i mean with firewall rules don't working after loadbalancing, i mean:
    I tryed to portforward like your example and that doesn't work.

    Anyway i also tryed the loadbalancing but it isn't what i expected (like the traffic shaper doesn't work with more then 2 lan/wan's)

    But maybe a stupid question can you made for me a (example) config file with the next features:

    Dual Wan


    Single lan


    With firewall rules :

    port 21 on gateway goto lan ip
    RDP client on gateway goto lan ip

    port 80 from lan ip works with gateway
    Port 80 from lan ip works with gateway

    Why? becuase i tryed this but it doesn't work after using the loadbalacing settings.

    Thank you!

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