Question regarding Dual WAN - Two different ISP's + block of public IP's

  • Hello all,

    I'm very much a pfsense noob, I've installed the software on a ESXi host for now to play around with a little bit, and I'm trying to determine if it will do everything I am hoping. Originally I was looking at a peplink 30 box primarily because it  has the ability to 'bridge' WAN1 and LAN, and do NAT on WAN2.

    My reasoning for this…

    I am looking at having two separate ISP's, the first would be a DSL Connection with a block of public addresses, I would like to have this be transparent more or less on the pfseense box and have my ASA5505 handle it. The second ISP would have a single static IP which could be nat'ed on the pfsense box (or peplink) really just looking for the pfsense to do loadbalancing/failover and use my asa for security and whatnot.

    So, does pfsense have this form of functionality, or is there a similar way in which I could obtain the same using it? my main concern is not doing double NAT on the DSL block as my SIP trunk, VPN, and some other things will terminate via the public's on that connection, off of the ASA.

    Hopefully this made sense, any help is greatly appreciated!

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