Snort pkg v. 1.8 alpha report

  • Just to report:

    1.2.3-release and Snort pkg v. 1.8 alpha

    alert tab: Very nice! ;) All info in an easy way. But…. "clear log" button is not working

    block tab: alert description still missing.

    (http_inspect) NON-RFC DEFINED CHAR is still blocking when trigered from inside ip.

    Next thing is to check if diferent rules on diferent interfaces are working. I'm testing it on a 200+ computers network.

    Will post results ASAP. Nice work James. Thx.

  • This V. Snort is wery bugy & unstable!

  • Code is still not finnished I can only code 2hrs a day now.
    Im going to add a "save alert file" button..

    Thanks for the kind words.


  • No problem. Take your time. This topic is just to let you know what's going on. ;)

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