Cant route VPN traffic to diffrent subnet

  • I just replaced my netscreen 25 with a pfsense 1.2 box. i hav 7 ipsec vpn conections. All of them can connect to the sense box just fine and 6 of my vpn tunnles can route traffic to each other just fine. The 7th one is on a diffrent subnet. Only the pfsense box can talk to it none of the other VPN remote can. Heres the layout

    10.15.x.x 6 VPN remotes all can route to each other through the sense box.
    10.1.3.x 1 VPN remote and it can only route to the sense box.

    Why is that? it worked fine on my basic netscreen config but will not work with my sense box? Is this type of routing too advanced for the sense box?


  • Does anyone have any ideas? I do not want to go back to that old netscreen if this is a simple fix!

    Thank you!

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