Https not accessible but I can ping

  • I have a IPSec Tunnel up between two locations and although I can ping the remote addresses I cannot pull up the remote router using https.  I've stopped all my Packages and I have a very very simple rule set.  I was able to access it at one time but not now.  Any ideas?  I'm suspicious of my Squid package but it has been stopped.  I can ping all the remote IPs but I cannot configure any device with an https/http interface.  In fact RDP works fine using the server ip address.

    PFSense:  1.2.3-Release

    Any help is appreciated…

  • We need more info…

    What do the filter logs say? Any blocked packets? From the machine you are trying to do the https session try a telnet ROUTER_IP 443 (Windows) or telnet ROUTER_IP:443 (Unix/Linux). Do you get a connect? Have you checked both firewalls? Ruleset? What are your rules?

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